Better By Nature uses unique and innovative processes to develop healthy, great tasting, natural products. 

Mushrooms are natures way of detoxifying its environment which keeps the forest healthy and growing. We have developed a sustainable, natural, non-GMO, chemical-free process that leverages the same mechanisms that keeps the forest healthy. Using gourmet mushrooms that are well known for their health benefits, we are able to effectively train the mushrooms to consume unwanted compounds while the mushrooms symbiotically gives back valuable nutrients, without imparting a mushroom taste. 

In our coffee line, we have trained the mushrooms to consume the compounds responsible for bitterness resulting in a coffee that is bitter-free, delicious and packed full of beta-Glucans, which are known to promote and build your immune system. 

We are proud to announce that with this new process we have the first Class 3 functional food!

Look for the Better By Nature logos for healthy, great tasting, natural products.